Saturday, August 2, 2008

Daddy gets a lesson from the Triplets, again.

One of the things I try to do that I think will pay off in the long run is talking to my kids like they are adults. Let me clarify. I try talk to them with understanding, respect, and empathy. I like to explain things to them.

Segway to a rant..... I love going out with the kids in public. Yes it is challenging but I think they love it and it helps me stay motivated by watching all the other people with kids. I wish you could nominate people for Nanny 911. I hear parents yelling at their kids and treating them like indentured servants. I want to say "Don't be surprised when they talk to you like you are talking to them." Like I said before, kids are big mirrors that let us see the best and worst of ourselves. Here is an idea... Since lawmakers like to legislate every part of our lives I think you should need a "permit to procreate" before you can have kids. From the looks of things many applications would be denied:)

Back to the lesson I got yesterday. Our TX Nanny is visiting so we went to Sam's yesterday. I do not like going there on my own as I get shocked a lot when I take the stroller. Addison had of course found the bag of animal crackers in the diaper bag. When I put her in the car to leave I asked her for the bag and said "you can have some more later." To which she gave it to me and then started crying. This is normal for her... compliance followed by the protest. So as I was driving and she was crying I explained things to her..." Addison, if Daddy asks for something from you and you cry you will never get it back from him as I do not understand crying or whining. But if I ask for something from you and say please you just might get to keep it or get it back." Finally she stopped crying! Then I heard a little voice from the back of the van... it was faint but I could barely make out the word.... "please." I almost peed on myself laughing. Yep, it was Addison. I am not sure whether to be excited that she understood, mad that she ignores all my other speeches, or chalk it up to coincidence. No matter, I pulled over and gave her the bag back.

No pictures please:)

Addison was dancing circles around Jackson, literally!

William giving his sister a "hug."

More chasing!

People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.
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