Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tags, tags, tags, tags.....

Sing the title to the Spam, spam, spam, spam Monty Python skit. Side note.... You may or may not know this but this skit is is how "Spam Mail" got it's name. Back to my point... The CFO got some great deals on 3T kids clothes. So since I am a bit particular about things I won't let the kids wear the clothes until they are washed. The CFO is fine with this as it means that I then get to take the tags off and everything off of hangers. I might be willing to pay more for clothes that don't have tags on them. I found one shirt that had three different tags on it and two of them were in the seams. You know what that means... you can only get one side of the plastic tag holder out. I mean come on! If Hanes can come up with tagless underwear can't we do something similar for price tags on kid's clothes? You could probably save the rain forest simply by not putting tags on kid's clothes. And don't even get me started on the hangers these clothes come on. Who ever uses a hanger that holds two shirts and a pair of shorts? The crazy thing about the hangers is that there is someone with a Ph.D. somewhere designing this stupid things:)

This series is from William's second haircut. He doesn't mind the haircut until the blow dryer comes out.

In real life, it is the hare who wins. Every time. Look around you. And in any case it is my contention that Aesop was writing for the tortoise market. Hares have no time to read. They are too busy winning the game.
Anita Brookner


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