Monday, August 4, 2008

Start your own playgroup... have triplets:)

One of the many great things about multiples is that they have a built-in playgroup. The not so great thing about triplet playgroups is that often times there is an odd person out. Teaching a toddler to share with one other child is hard enough, sharing with two children sometimes pushes them over the top into a whiney hissy fit. But they sure can do some cute and annoying things at the same time:)

I guess Addison and William got tired of waiting for a ride on their rocking horse.

All three take a tumble after running while holding hands.

They keep me on my toes. Here Jackson is trying to get into the air return for the central air, William is playing with the rocking horse and Addison is walking in the CFO's shoes.

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.
John Russell



Anonymous said...

Perhaps I need to do a better job of putting my shoes away? William is playing with one and there is one behind Jackson too!


Liz said...

How sure are you that Jackson isn't shoving stuff into the air return?? I know that's what would be happening at my house!