Saturday, November 29, 2008

What Obama has done for me...

He has made it a lot harder and more expensive to buy a gun. No, really. If you have not noticed gun sales are WAY up. I have been wanting a pistol for a few years now and I look off and on. One gun shop owner said Obama has sold more guns since the election than his store had up till the election this year. Not only are assault rifles flying off the shelves but anything that might be banned in the new administration. Even one pistol I am "sweet" on, the Springfield 9mm XDM. Sure it can hold a whole box of hollow points in just one clip AND they give you two of them AND you get two more free from the manufacturer but when have you not wanted to have 77 hollow points ready to go?

I am torn about gun control... I do not want criminals to get their hands on many of the weapons that laws in many States have banned but if it hits the fan I would not mind having those weapons. I know, I know, where is my faith in God in all of this you ask? I always say you need to live in the middle. For example, you may live to be 150 - if you do you better be saving a lot of money. Or you may get hit by a bus tomorrow - if that was true, live it up today and don't save. Like that example I want some protection (who knows if these Zombie movies might become reality) but I don't plan on moving to a ranch in the middle of nowhere and stockpiling ammo and food.

With the advent of fingerprint recognition on safes you can now have quick access to a weapon AND keep your children safe. Note, put a light on your gun so you know what you are shooting. There is NO excuse for having a weapon, much less a loaded weapon, that is accessible to others, especially children. If you own or are going to buy a gun be sure you have taken or will take a safety course. If not it is like jumping out of the boat before learning how to swim.

I am still surprised that you can buy a gun with no waiting period. Sure they do a background check but there is no foreground check telling anyone what you intend to do with it.

If gun control saves one person's life, isn't it worth it?

You can get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone.
Al Capone


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Jeremy Adam Smith said...

If it's true that people are buying up assault weapons in response to Obama's election, then I find that frighteningly out of touch with reality. Prez-elect Obama has not made gun control a priority, not even remotely. I'm afraid this sounds like another example of the wingnuts believing their own paranoid propaganda. Obama isn't the socialist muslim terrorist peacenik black nationalist his opponents made him out to be. As his cabinet picks thus far have proved, a vote for Obama was a vote for pragmatism, competence, and the rule of law. If there's some group of Americans huddling in their basements with guns, then that's just sad.