Thursday, November 13, 2008

Triplets head to the reunion day 3

As I mentioned yesterday I got to bed around 1am. The CFO and I agreed ahead of time that Saturday morning was mine and she would take Sunday morning. So when Jackson started SCREAMING DADDY!, DADDY!, DADDY! at 5:30 AM EST I was called to duty. I sprung into action.... ran to their bedroom from loft we were sleeping in and grabbed Jackson. By this time Addison and William were standing up in their cribs. I quickly told Addison and William to lay back down, we were going back to sleep. Jackson and I then slept on the bed in their room. I got another two hours of sleep!

Did I mention the hotel we were staying in had 60 rooms out for a soccer tournament. Not just any tournament but a teenage girl soccer tournament. We all headed to breakfast around 8:30am. God was on my side and we found a table. Everyone had a great breakfast and no one got trampled which was no small miracle.

We headed to a family cookout at my High School's gym for lunch. It was neat being back. I had a great time fielding questions from everyone. Here were two of my favorite questions and my answers....

Q: Where are you working?
A: At home.

Q: What is their age difference?
A: About three minutes.

We decided to leave before a melt-down could occur. When we got back to the hotel room I put the "Service Later" sign on the door and we put the kids down for a nap. The CFO and I also went down for a nap. Ten minutes later the maid started knocking. She said we needed to use the "No Service" sign. I wanted to say "If you ignored the service later sign why should I think you would pay attention to the no service sign. Yep, you guessed it... Addison and Jackson woke up. I entertained them around the hotel property while the CFO and William caught some shut eye. Two is VERY manageable, it is the third one that pushes you over the edge:)

Once William and the CFO got up we went over to my best friends house only to have Addison and Jackson fall asleep as we turned onto his road. So we all stood around the van and talked for an hour while they slept. We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the main function of the reunion, dinner and dancing.

We met my friends that I was with on Friday night and headed to the dinner. The CFO decided to leave early (I don't blame her) and me and the guys were going to take a cab. A few hours later we decided to walk back to one of their houses. It was not a unanimous decision but we had a great time walking. It only took about 20 - 30 minutes and it was only in the 40s that night:) This is something I did often in High School, College and even after College. As long as you live through it those times become great memories. Heck, in college it was not uncommon for me and some others to walk home even when it was ten miles or more.

I finally got back to the hotel and in bed around 2am. The funniest comment of the night?

You don't dress like a stay at home Dad!

Here is a picture of me and my fellow walkers for the night. Sorry, no pictures of the kids:)

The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.
George F. Will (1941 - )


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