Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One busy day

I have mentioned several times that I like putting myself in challenging situations. Yesterday I feel like I ran the gauntlet. After a week of VBS at our Church (where I did pre-school games) and a week of VBS at a Church near the CFO's office I was not sure if the kids were up for more but I threw it out there anyway... A friend was hosting a backyard "Rock the Block" backyard bible club so I asked the Triplets if they wanted to go, they did. I was very intrigued by the idea and the CFO also liked the idea of a more intimate event. I told her I was torn between taking them swimming at the YMCA or to the backyard bible club. Being the CFO she of course laid it out there for me.... "would you rather them go swimming or go learn more about God and Jesus?" We hold each other accountable:) Hmmmmm, tough decision:)

Can you guess what I decided? Yep, I did both! I got up at 5:30am to start getting everything together. Here is what I got done after I blogged and before we left at 8:25am...

Pack swim bag
  • Three swimming suits, wait, check that, four (I needed mine too)
  • Four sets of goggles
  • Pool toys
  • Four sets of shower shoes (flip flops)
  • Shampoo, soap, conditioner, brush and loofah
  • Change of shirt and underwear for all of us.
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels
Pack lunch
  • Make four peanut and honey sandwiches (decided by the Triplet of the day)
  • Rinsed grapes
  • Put snacks in bags (also decided by the TOD) Cheese-its, cheesy poofs, and Teddy Grahams
  • Filled sippy cups with water
So far so good. Did I mention that the Triplets got up around 6:30? I still had my normal routine of fixing the CFO's coffee to have after her morning walk (I am very proud of her for getting up so early to exercise) and her thermos of coffee to take to work. Now I just had to get the Triplets fed, dressed and in the van.

We arrived on time! Being that is was a "backyard VBS" it was a bit warm but we had a great time thanks to the terrific teachers and the family hosting the "Rock the Block." They sure know kids! A few Scooby Snacks, Capri Suns, Fig Newtons, suckers and popsicles later we were on our way to the YMCA. Of course when the CFO asked them what they learned at VBS they jumped with joy to show her their "crab walks." It was one of the games we played:)

Arriving at the YMCA around 11:15 we hit the locker room. After a mandatory potty break everyone got dressed for the pool. Okay, I got everyone dressed:) BTW, I have another rule... one goes, we all go. This only applies in public but it saves time as the one time I did not do this I spent about 75% of dinner at a nice restaurant in the bathroom rotating through the Triplets. Not the way I wanted to spend the evening.

Our YMCA has a pool break every top of the hour. So we ate lunch at the noon break. I am not sure who made the "wait 30 minutes after eating rule" I had to follow as a kid to not get cramps but I am not following it with my kids. I feel that it is one of those rules "the Man" used to keep me down and I am having nothing to do with it:) We hit the pool after finishing lunch and played till the next pool break at 1pm. Showering Triplets is always a challenging endeavor especially in a men's locker room but we manage.

Not to be thought of as a slacker we headed to Publix, the grocery store, when we got back in the van around 1:35. Hey! It takes a long time to get one adult and three toddlers showered, clothed and hair brushed. Publix is actually one of the rewards I use when at the YMCA. They get a cookie and balloon (keep Ms. Dorothy in your prayers, she is recovering from a surgery) if they make "good choices." We picked up a few things and headed home for naps.

Before heading upstairs I got one of my minions (Roomba) busy cleaning the kitchen floor. The Triplets CRASHED! I got about a 15 minute nap before heading downstairs to clean up from breakfast and start laundry. I finally sat down around 3:30, ate a tomato sandwich then vacuumed. After tidying up the place and updating the announcements for Church it was time to start thinking about dinner and waking up the Triplets. A few trips upstairs and a few chops of the knife later they were up and dinner was cooking. When I say "dinner" I am being liberal. We had pizza (left overs), turkey (sliced), green beans (canned then cooked with bacon), and fried squash. OK, I did chop, bread and fry the squash myself:)

Like I say in my header... I am a workaholic:) I LOVE/LIVE this slogan about burnout.....

Of course I love you, just not as much as God does:)

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