Monday, June 28, 2010

OK, now Summer begins!

I don't really feel like Summer has begun until recently.  That is because for the past two and a half weeks we have been going to VBS's.  The first one was at our Church and I volunteered.  The second was at a Church near the CFO's work.  She took them in each morning and I met them for lunch and brought the Triplets home.  The last one was a backyard VBS at a friend's house.

Now that we are done with the VBS tour I hope to settle into a Summer routine until their day out program starts back up in August.  What will it be?  Here are what I see as our daily choices:

  • The YMCA three days a week taking one swimming at a time and I get to work out.
  • The Science Center  it gets pretty busy in the Summer.
  • One of the local parks with or without tricycles it is HOT
  • One of the local free movies.
  • Host a backyard play date with baby pools, sprinklers, bubbles, balloons and lunch.
  • Stay around the house so Daddy can get to-dos done.

Mixed into most of these I will have trips to WalMart, Publix (the grocery store) and picking up our vegetables from Grow Alabama.

I actually chose to not put the Triplets in their day out program this Summer.  Yes, that may be a bit crazy but I figure I only have about 14 more Summers with them and less than that when you figure they will be doing their own thing some of those.  I better make the most of each one.

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Steve Jobs

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