Friday, June 18, 2010

May I see some ID please

I have learned that you can stop a lot of whining and issues by putting a few rules in place. When I do preschool games at VBS I like to let the crew leaders and my team blow bubbles for the kids while they play with balloons. Of course the kids all want to do the bubbles themselves. While I might me a little crazy I am not stupid but my GPA from college would lead you to think otherwise:) So while I don't let the kids hold the bottles of bubble mix I do let them hold the bubble wands. How do I accomplish this? I just said that you must be 7 or older to hold them. Believe it or not they don't question it much. I start off by saying "raise your hand if you are over seven." Then when one of them asks "can I hold the bubbles" I just ask "how old are you?" It works for me.

You have no control over what the other guy does. You only have control over what you do.
A. J. Kitt


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