Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trips out of the house take on a whole new dimension

Now that Addison is officially in big girl underwear (still asks for a diaper most of the time for #2) our trips away from home have become a bit more complicated. They are also a bit more time consuming and trying. But I hear that in about 6-8 months (assuming William and Jackson are soon to follow) I will be used to the new routine and the kids will largely be accident free.

Addison is doing GREAT but she goes quite often. The good and not so good news is that when she goes EVERYONE wants to go. Since I don't quite trust them in the stalls by themselves we take turns on the potty. So then I have two three year olds running around while one is on the potty. Jackson yesterday at the science center did not do a good job listening and smashed his finger while playing with the stall door. When they are not touching everything in sight the other two are usually giving instructions to the one on the potty. Addison may not have the boys' same equipment but she can sure tell them what they need to do with theirs:)

Our minivan is now also a porta-potty:) We try to take one of the kids' potties with us wherever we go to minimize the issues. Another strange twist is that they always seem to need to go in the middle of a meal. Again, when one goes, they all want to go. Or the ever-fun need to go potty as we are walking out the door to go somewhere. The later you are, the more they need to go:) Now I don't mind the expense of diapers any more:)

Jackson LOVES having his picture taken and now he wants pictures of his glowy.

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