Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need to find an easier Church:)

I say the title frequently and always in a VERY sarcastic and humorous tone. It is funny how things work out. Our Preacher (and friend) once did a lesson on "sometimes this is really about that." That is how I feel that our move to Birmingham has been. When the position that the CFO has in Birmingham opened up (her company only promotes from within and is a great company) we first discussed what a great career step it would be for her and it wouldn't hurt to be closer to family. But after being here for a while I now realize that the main reason we came (were brought here) it has really been more about our walk with Christ.

Many people at our Church are surprised to find out, but it is VERY true, that until we moved to Birmingham it did not take much to keep me from going to Church. If I can point to one thing that keeps me going to Church (two to three times a week) now it would be what our Preacher calls "the crazy uncle that lives in the basement that no one talks about," the Holy Spirit. I can see the Holy Spirit working in our lives and our Church.

Back to the title.... I sometimes reminisce about the days when I could just go to Church and feel good about where I was. Seems I kept the Holy Spirit in my basement for a long time. Now that I let him roam the house (I still need to unlock all the doors) he is moving me in directions that I would have never thought I would go. As I am a Man, I won't go into all the internal mushy stuff about how my thoughts have changes but here are a few of the external changes....
  • I actually want to read the Bible.
  • I look forward to Church
  • I pray (not just when I want something)
  • I seek God's will and His face
There is more but those are the first ones that come to mind. I hope you realize that I really don't want to change Churches. But it does get a laugh out of me and others at Church.

Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to the garage makes you a car.
Dr. Laurence J. Peter


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Lynn Leaming said...

Love this post Al. I think most of us totally underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives! I love to hear testimonies of how He is working among us. Thanks so much for sharing!!!