Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Kelly comes to town

Miss Kelly was our Nanny for a year when we lived in Texas and she is now our friend forever. She took care of our kids in our home from 6 months old to 18 months old. I did not plan it this way but she came in town the day the CFO and I decided to really "try" to start potty training. When we told her that we were moving to Birmingham from Dallas she was mad. Not because she would miss the CFO and me but because of the kids. But this visit she did share with me the one thing that consoled her in that moment.... she wouldn't have to potty train the Triplets:)

The Triplets LOVE Miss Kelly! They were excited all week before she came and VERY sad when she left. We kind of felt bad this trip because we didn't do anything as we had Addison in big girl underwear for the first time this weekend. Our two excursions for the weekend was to McDonald's and a short walk (hike) on a trail our BFFs introduced us to.

Miss Kelly was their favorite model over the weekend along with the gifts she brought from her cruise to Mexico.

Tell me what company thou keepst, and I'll tell thee what thou art.
Miguel de Cervantes


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