Friday, August 21, 2009

How to keep eight kids under five occupied

We have a small group from our Church that gets together weekly. We do a weekly pot luck dinner then someone (sometimes two of us) watches the kids while the rest of us have an hour of Bible study. That is great for everyone but VERY challenging for the person(s) with the kids.

I have to say that the CFO is VERY creative when it comes to kids. It was her turn this past weekend and she did GREAT! The only reason they had to come back in from the back yard early was because of rain. She took them on "animal hunts" and many other creative adventures. Contrary to her current career she was a wildlife biology major in college and even has a year of grad school in that curriculum under her belt. She has been known to jump up in the middle of a business meeting to catch a wayward lizard that got in the office.

It turns out that she also has an artsy creative side. She had the kids draw outlines of each other on the fence. With the home owners' permission of course:)

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H.I. - Raising Arizona


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