Monday, August 10, 2009

Rowdy or not rowdy?

We had another Sunday of not so good reports on the boys. They just moved up to the older toddler class at church this week and the regular teacher for that class was not in there so I hoping that it was the new surroundings. But I am starting to think that it is me.

I have written some about the differences between Moms and Dads. I there in lies the issue. Now I realize that I am stereotyping but Women usually speak to kids differently than Dads. Moms have much more of a drawn out vernacular... Nooooooooo, don't do thaaaaaat. While Men are more terse... No, stop doing that. Maybe it is also that Women give children more grace then Men do.

So I am thinking that when they, well, act like 35 month olds they do not respond to Women disciplining them. The Triplets are used to me correcting them and may see the more drawn-out way of speaking as suggestions rather than instructions. Ever seen this happen with a dog? I have. Most dogs are use to Men masters: sit, stay, down, etc.... But when someone tries to be "nicer" to the dog: siiiiit, staaaaayyyy, dooooowwwn. Well, it just doesn't work. One of the many books we have read (looked at) talks about how tone of voice is often times more important than what you say. Isn't that true about adults also? You know what I mean, like those people (bosses) that talk to you like you are a five year old.

So, what to do? I am not planning on changing the way I talk to the kids. I am planning on being in their class next week at church to see if they act the same way. If they do I will try modeling the type correction that they respond to. If they don't I will keep working on it and maybe observing them in class to see how everything goes down.

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