Friday, August 14, 2009

Potty training update

So I have taken the slow approach to potty training. You could say I have been going with the flow:) Jackson is now peeing "like a big boy" thanks to their friend Caleb. Last week we were all at the park when Caleb needed to go pee-pee. Since there were no bathrooms he used the nearby shrubbery. He had quite an audience with the Triplets there. Jackson is excited about it but I am running out of rags to clean up the overspray:)

We started out rewarding (bribing) them with M&Ms. But I felt bad giving them candy. We headed out to WalMart to buy some potty toys. They chose a camera (water and kid proof), a radio controlled Lightning McQueen car, and a sing along toy. The camera and car are the favorites so far but the house is a wreck! As soon as we got back Addison went to the potty and wanted the camera, then it was ON! As soon as Jackson and William saw her with the camera they ran to the bathrooms. The next hour was chaos between keeping the timing of who had which toy for how long and trying to figure out if they REALLY did go to the potty in the first place. OYE VEY!

I can't wait to see what today brings:) Here are a few of the pics from their camera.

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