Monday, January 5, 2009

Thomas "Toddler Crack" The Train and the Triplets....

We had resisted getting the Triplets Thomas The Train stuff as I have seen this terrible addiction first hand:) Our friends from Houston have a son that is still hooked on Thomas. I think they are looking into rehab centers:) But the kids got their first "fix" from their Mimi this Christmas. It was a starter set of the battery powered Thomas.

So after one day of refereeing the one train we headed to Wal-Mart to get two more. We got another Thomas starter set so we could get more track and we got Addison Rosie, the pink engine. Now we are having to adjust our budget to include a weekly truckload of AA batteries:)

After getting Rosie for Addison I started to wonder why there are more boy addicts than girls. Well, we found out yesterday.....

Click on the pictures and you can see ... Yes, that is Addison's hair that is stuck in Rosie!

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Dani said...

Oh dang, I should have warned you. Reagan did the same thing and I had to take Thomas apart with a screwdriver to get it out of her hair. I got some great pictures of that, it was hysterical!

Kaitlin said...

Addison says "aww my poor hair!"
William says "lemme have it!"