Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is it being open minded or not having strong beliefs?

I consider myself open minded but I wonder if I just don't have strong enough beliefs. I fell that I have the ability to see things from other's point of view most of the time. That would make me empathetic, right? But what if another person's view is just plain wrong in your eyes? Is it OK to agree to disagree?

I mention this as there seems to be a ever greater divide between different "groups" of people.
  • Poor - Rich
  • Minority - Non Minority (OK, call it what it is... "The Man")
  • Christian - Non Christian
  • Right to Life - Abortion Rights
  • Death Penalty - Non Death Penalty
It seems that more and more people are moving to the wings and not to the center. Is that because you are seen as "selling out" or working with the "enemy" if you actually listen to what the other side has to say?

Take the Death Penalty for instance. I was all for it until College. Then I became a Criminal Justice Major and you find out that it costs around 10x more to execute someone than it would to keep them in prison for 50 years (I know it is the lengthy appeals process). Also, at the time the average life expectancy in a Maximum Security Prison was around 10 years, it is probably longer now. Not to mention that NO ONE with a private lawyer had EVER been put to death (rich people can buy their life) . I believe this is still true. On top of all that I have been reading the Bible - I find it very hard to follow Jesus and support the death penalty but I would probably want revenge if someone attacked me and/or my family. I can see both sides of the issue - so, am I weak in my beliefs or just open minded?

To sum it all up - does a lot of this stuff really matter if we TRULY believe in God? But heck, people in the Bible actually talked to God, God talked to them, they walked with Jesus, saw his miracles and they still had doubts....

Too bad there is not more proof in faith:)

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