Saturday, January 31, 2009

How much faith do we have?

I am always torn about faith.... how much is enough? As I mentioned in my post (rant) last weekend, there were people in the Bible that came face to face with God/Jesus and they still had doubts. I often think that if I REALLY believed in Heaven vs. Hell, God and Jesus that decisions in my life would be easy. I know, I know, it is the flesh:) But then does that mean my faith is weak?

Take personal/home protection for instance. If you have a gun(s) for protection does that mean that you don't have faith in God? I still have a hard time believing that God protects/heals some people while he lets others suffer and die. That is unless the healing and/or dying is so that his will is done, not about the person. I believe that God can make good come out of bad things but that he does not interfere with our free will; mine or the free will of a criminal.

Or look at saving money... he instructs us to give, Matthew 19:21. But he also says it is wise to save, Proverbs 21:20. Clear as mud:)

I always say that when we finally know I think we will all be surprised:)

You can ALWAYS find something humorous or ironic in any situation if you look hard enough,


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Lynn Leaming said...

I am glad that we are told we only have to have a mustard seed amount of faith. I am hoping that I manage that amount.