Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's resolutions....

I have actually never "officially" made any. Here comes the sarcasm so don't take it personally:) My thought has always been that if you want to change something about yourself why wait to start working on it? It just doesn't work if you say "On this date I am going to start or stop doing X." You just have to decide to stop or start then recommit every day to do or not do it. I have several friends in AA and from what I understand that is what they must do. Sometimes it requires recommitting one's self hour to hour or minute to minute.

Look at it this way.... Let's say your boss yells at you all the time. They realize this is a bad behavior but they decide to save that up for their "New Year's Resolution." You would be pretty steamed right? I have also had co-workers/employees say "well, I will work on that when...." Come on, get with it... Believe me, I am not perfect. I just try to do what I believe is right. "Try" is the key word in that:)

I always say "You have two choices in life... do something about it or shut up and deal with it, no whining."

Thank God (literally) for Grace!


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