Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing hooky.

School started last week for the kids but we played playing hooky the first day. I have to admit it is for a selfish reason. The CFO and I wanted the kids to be healthy for a trip we had planned for last weekend. A trip without the Triplets:) Being the pragmatist (pessimist) that I am I knew (assumed) that they will get the flu ASAP after going back to school. With the incubation period being 2-7 days they could (would) have started getting sick on Friday. As it turns out we might have already had the flu when a 102 temp went through the house a few weeks ago. I sure hope that was it!

After a month "off" of school we are starting to get back into our routine. I sure missed. Maybe now I can start cooking for them again instead of "heating" for them:) After our weekend with friends I definitely need to start eating healthier too.

BTW - I turn 39 this month... time flies! I don't think birthdays will affect me until I hit 49 or 50 as that will be when the Triplets become teenagers. What do you get a 39 year old SAHD of Triplets?..... hopefully a Sony PS3! I have been resisting but the price just dropped and getting a blue ray disc player PLUS a great game system for $299 is hard to pass up. I just hope the kids understand when they MUST take a 3 hour nap each day. Daddy's got to have his game time:)

Here is a pic of us during a hike over the weekend with my favorite shirt on:) Then two pics of the same sunset. One original and one edited.

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Gee-off said...

Read the following which I cut from I did get the credit card and did receive the credit as promised. From one triplet dad to another-you absolutely deserve it! Do it.

Sign up for the Sony Visa Card and receive a free $100 credit after your first purchase of $299 or more at That's the best Sony Visa deal we've seen since June. The credit will appear on your statement within 12 weeks of the required purchases.
A best bet is to purchase the new slimmer, lighter Sony PlayStation 3 120GB Console for $299.99. (It's the second system down on that page.) After the Sony card credit, it falls to $199.99. With free shipping, it's tied with last week's mention as the lowest total price we've seen for this system. Sales tax is added where applicable. The new model PS3 features built-in 802.11g wireless, Bluetooth, HDMI out, and, of course, a Blu-ray player.

MileHighDad said...

So, with that said, what's your game of choice if you had a P3? I PS2 and Wii Tiger Woods Golf on the HiDef.
PS: The lead hombre or the Texas Trio is not as gray as I would've guessed!

Ryan said...

I was lucky and got mine for my 26th birthday from the was a year before we had the triplets so we justified the cost then...heck the price cut and the new slimmer design makes it sooooo much better. Best price EVER for a bluray and game system in one...been VERY happy with it.

Ryan said...

I just looked at your shirt you are wearing...I have the same pretty much sums up my life.