Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grandaddy has a new tractor!

This was the second weekend in a row the Triplets were at the in-laws. Last weekend the Triplets, the CFO and I were in town for her 20th HS reunion. This past weekend Granddaddy and Mimi had the Triplets to themselves as the CFO and I took a short (way to short) mini vacation with some friends. It is funny because the only way my in-laws get any attention from the Triplets is for us to leave. If the CFO or I are there we muck it up:)

They say the only difference between Men and boys are the size (cost) of their toys:) Granted the in-laws do own farm land so you can't really call a tractor a "toy" but it kinda is:)

Jackson was "supervising" Granddaddy putting some air in the tires of the trailer before our hay ride:) Notice Jackson has one hand on his ear and is tilting his head to cover the other ear. Air compressors are LOUD! Seems it tuckered him out... he fell asleep in the CFO's arms.

A man grows most tired while standing still.
Chinese Proverb



Rachel said...

That's not really a Chinese proverb, is it? You just made it up :)

Ryan said...

The wife and I also took a mini vacation...my first time away from the girls since they came home over five months ago...