Saturday, May 31, 2008

No, no one ever asks that....

Here is a list of commonly asked questions and/or comments we get when we are out. Some are totally understandable, some make you pause, some are very silly and then there are those that, well, make me want to ask where they went to school... so my kids don't go to school there. You know those people... yeah, the ones that are depriving a village somewhere of an idiot:)

In no particular order

Are they twins? I thought counting was a right, not a privilege:)
Where did they get the red hair from?
Daddy's got his hands full today. My response "I have them full everyday:)"
Bless you
You are triply blessed.
What cute children. Do people ever say "Whoa! Them sum ugly youngins!"?
Two boys and a girl? This was funnier when the boys were in blue seats and Addison in the pink seat.

Addison being good, as always, William is the decoy going for his lamb as Jackson tries a quick lunch-time escape. Not so fast!

Lots of sneezing going on these days. The snot-bubbles (yes, one out of each nostril) burst before I got the camera out.

Time for a "Your Mama Joke"

Your mama so hairy, Bigfoot takes pictures of her

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