Friday, May 23, 2008

Working third shift

Jackson, our Redhead, periodically wakes up in the night screaming like someone is pinching him. The first time this happened I think I took out the dog, a lamp, and the gate at the top of the stairs. Now I know he is just having one of those nights. Being a man, I don't always remember lessons of the past. If you ignore the urge to hold him for a while and comfort him but rather just move him to a pack-n-play in the other room he goes right back to sleep. No, no, I had to sit with him a while to "comfort" him. He went right back to sleep in my arms. I love this kind of thing BUT when you go to lay him in the pack-n-play or back in his crib he comes unhinged (red-head temper), which he did around 1:30 am last night.

So by comforting him I am committed. I lay down on the couch with him. This sounds great except that he wakes up every 30 - 45 min to re-arrange and look around. At 3:30 he decides he wants to talk. So I suck it up and put him in the pack-n-play and he settles down about 30 minutes later and sleeps soundly the rest of the night.

Here is Jackson at the park. You can see a glimpse of the temper.... I think I had asked him to be careful.

Why IS water wet?


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