Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How do you do it? - Mornings

I am asked this everytime I go out with the kids, which is daily. This is a "normal" morning schedule for me (us).

6:20 am - wake up, make coffee for me and tea for the CFO (the wife), empty the dishwasher, prepare diaper bag(s) for the day, check email, check the weather
7:00 am - go get the kids, change 3 diapers, talk my daughter into leaving her pacifiers in her crib, changing any wet clothes and/or wet bedding.
7:45 am - come downstairs for breakfast, feed them a waffle, 2-3 bananas, lots of "back in your chair Mr." (my daughter is the little angel and follows directions, the boys, not always), wipe 30 fingers, 6 hands and 3 faces.
8:30 am - go for a 1 - 1.5 mile walk with the kids and the dog (did I mention that our neighborhood is VERY hilly:)
9:00 am - head back upstairs and play
9:15 am - put them in bed for a nap and read to them for 15 - 20 min.
This is where you pray they take a long nap
9:30 am till they wake up - I eat breakfast and watch about 15 - 30 min of TV,usually the Deadliest Catch. After watching that show my life instantly seems VERY easy:) Then I clean, prepare food, fill in the grocery list, do laundry, plan our day, and all the things in running a house.
11:30 am or so - kids wake up. More diaper changing and playing.
12:15 pm - we head downstairs for lunch.

Variations include:
Sick kid(s) - the best thing to do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I may be up most of the night with one or more of them. No, I cannot take a personal day and come into work late:(
Blowout diapers - this could involve as little as putting on new clothes or as much as changing all the bedding, wiping down furniture/walls and giving a bath
Bath days - I usually do a shorter walk and give baths 1 on 1 while the other two watch Sesame Street
Kids wake up early - this is why you want to do some prep work the night before
I get sick - suck it up!
Bad weather - get creative. I do a lot of chasing the kids around the house.
Family and friends visiting - We LOVE having people visit but it does change things. I try and stay fluid.

Gotta run, will fill in on the afternoons next time.

Fake it till you make it,


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