Sunday, May 25, 2008


Did I mention the kids are fighting what seems to be a cold? Jackson has a cough and a runny nose:( We had a quick bite after church then put them down for a nap. Sundays are tough as they usually take a nap at 9:30am. So on Sunday they don't get one till after lunch. So, after about 5 minutes of SCREAMING (while I read them a story) they finally fell asleep. So the wife and I ate some left-over pizza (made from scratch last night: chicken, artichoke, mushroom and feta). Just when we finished both Jackson and William woke up screaming their heads off. So I took Jackson and she took William. The upside, I got a nap:) But now we are late getting everything ready to go to the Grandparents' house for their annual Memorial Day cookout tomorrow. Oh, well, you gotta be flexible with triplets.

Laugh each day,


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