Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back on the job, early

Jackson, our red-head, is not feeling well. He is fighting a cough, runny nose and now a fever. Such is the life with 20 month old triplets. If you have all three totally healthy at the same time you savor it like a Steak from the Silver Fox in Frisco, TX (the best steak I have EVER had). Yes, we have been to Ruth's Chris, Lowery's, Bob's, The Metropolitan Grill, The Palm, etc....

So Jackson woke up with a poopie diaper screaming at 5:45am and did not go back to sleep. But we did bring him to bed with us for a little while. We like playing make-believe sometimes to see what parents with only one child are like, But that being said I would not give up even one of our kids for the world. Not even after they bite, poke my eye, smear poopie on me, pee on me, and give me a crotch shot with shoes on. What sadistic people make kids shoes with soles so hard anyway?

The boys roughhousing a bit.

If you are outnumbered take on the strongest one first:)


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