Thursday, May 29, 2008

Field trip!

We went to the Birmingham Zoo today! The forecast was cloudy and a high of 82. Some genius forgot to add rainy and humid as a sauna. It was a play group outing from our church. The mothers and other kids were great helping us out, especially at lunch. You have to go through a line that is single file (no triplet strollers) then you had to wait for your food. A few bug bites on Jackson and William cried a bit while I was waiting in line but we had a great time. The best was when I got them out of the stroller for lunch and Jackson, Addison and William started dancing to the music outside the restaurant.

While I am out with the kids many people tell me "You are a brave man to go out with triplets." I know it is a compliment but it is almost like they are saying "I mean, sure a woman could do it, but a man?" Either way it makes me proud each time. The proudest I have been was when I was headed into the kid's day out program they go to on Tuesdays and Thursdays (funded by their G-Daddy) when a woman looked at me and said "I don't see how you get out of the house in the morning." I didn't have the heart to tell her that before we left home I had made waffles (homemade), we all (including the dog) went on a walk and I got a load of laundry going:) And to think, I had to use an alarm clock my freshman year of college to make it to lunch:)

A picture of the kids "kicking it" at home

Blame it on the rain,


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