Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sleeping in!

Did I mention how great my wife is? She let me sleep in till 8:30 am this morning:) I still remember when I thought that would be waking up early on a weekend. She also gave them their baths today. Both she and the kids enjoy bath time with Mommy better than with Daddy. I see it as a "get it done" kind of thing... you know, wash the hair, clean all the nooks and crannies (you never know when the CFO will do a surprise inspection) then they get a little play time while I get ready to get them out of the bath.

By the way, how do kids get that crusty stuff behind their ears? I am going to start keeping a closer eye on them at mealtime:)

William at our Goldfish Drive-through

If we have weekends where are the week-beginnings?


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