Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Al and I'm an idiot

Yep, we did it.... We once again took the Triplets camping. No rain this time but it was a bit chilly. The highs did not get out of the 50's and the lows went into the 30s.
On the upside:
  • You can always put more clothes on.
  • You don't sweat so showers are optional.
  • Three year olds get MUCH less dirty with long sleeves and long pants on.
  • No mosquitoes.
  • No snakes.
  • You have a good, check that, a VERY good reason to build a big fire.
  • You can actually justify staying up later by the fire.
  • You can even justify SMORES as you need something to do while keeping warm:)
On the downside:
  • It was COLD!!!!!!!!
  • Snot flows freely in the cold.
  • Gloves are NOT easy to get on or keep on a three year old.
  • Three year olds are NOT easy to keep in a sleeping bag.
  • Potty trips were VERY tiring. On the upside the Triplets wanted the CFO to take them:)
On a separate note, I actually wore long pants for a whole day. That might sound a little strange but I usually only wear long pants if the high is below 30.

I got into an argument with a girlfriend inside of a tent. That's a bad place for an argument, because then I tried to walk out and slammed the flap. How are you supposed to express your anger in this situation? Zipper it up really quick?
Mitch Hedberg

Somebody told me it was frightening how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared.
Jack Handey


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Rachel said...

Hilarious quotes...I laughed out loud at both of them.