Monday, June 1, 2009

What to do when it won't fit....

Break out the reciprocating saw!

I had quite the time replacing our dryer vent over the weekend. Seems the member of MENSA (LOTS of sarcasm) who installed the last one took full advantage of how flexible the old "fire hazard" vent was. Lucky for me I have just the right combination of creative problem solving, determination and tools. They all go hand in hand. One without the other is almost worthless. You must have sticktooittiveness (determination) to not let the challenge (problem) beat you. You must have the problem solving skills to come up with alternatives and the tools to make those alternatives happen. No, you do not need the "right" tool for the job, a close facsimile will do:)

Lucky for me I have a bag of tools! Long story short I made it work and our dryer is working GREAT!

I actually had the the weekend all to myself. The Triplets were with the in-laws Wednesday - Sunday and the CFO met some friends in Atlanta for the weekend. I got A LOT of stuff done:
  • Stained "new to us" swing set
  • Spread mulch (the pile was so big that we got a note from our HOA)
  • Did I mention I installed a new dryer vent?
  • Two trips to the dump
  • Cut back the hedges
  • Attended the Men's retreat at Church Friday night.
  • Saw the new Star Trek movie - It ROCKED!
  • AND made it to the 8:30 am service:)
Not bad for a "lazy" stay at home Dad who doesn't "work." I am VERY glad everyone is back home and we can once again let the chaos that is our life ensue!

The Triplets had a GREAT time at Mimi and Granddaddy's!

A friend and Cousin of ours over the weekend asked "Do you ever stop moving?" To which I answered "If I stop, I loose."


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