Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Naps make everyone happy:)

I have gotten quite use to my daily 30 min - 1 hour naps with the kids. They usually nap 2-3 hours so I still have some "free" time during the day. I just noticed yesterday that I have been much more calm and patient with the Triplets. Don't get me wrong, we still have our moments but they are much fewer than before I started taking naps. This kind of bugs me as I like getting stuff done. But it is MUCH more important to me that I be a good and patient Father so I will keep up the nap schedule. I know for most people napping would be a treat but as you might surmise I am different than most. I always say "normal is boring."

I use to love getting into work at 6:30am (office opened at 8am) and working till 7pm (office closed at 6pm). Yep, I was and still am a workaholic. What can I say, I love getting stuff done. But don't confuse what I like.... if EVERYTHING is done I am fine laying around watching a movie or playing a video game. So it is not the process I like but the results. The CFO use to get these two confused and would say something like "Al likes washing the car." Nope, I like a clean car so I wash it.

I now try to balance my three jobs....
  • Father - teaching, training, and nurturing the Triplets. Yes, I think a Father can nurture, we just don't coddle:)
  • Husband - making sure the CFO remembers that she is my "bride" and not just my "wife."
  • Houseboy - laundry, cleaning, shopping, lawn duty, fixing broken stuff, etc...
It is a tough balance as I want to do all three to the nth degree. Who knew my knowledge of exponents would come in handy again:) But I have discovered it is impossible as I do require sleep. So I am ever moving my "chips" between these three stacks.

We went to another state park over the weekend checking out possible new camping sites. Jackson was camera shy that day:)

There's no present. There's only the immediate future and the recent past.
George Carlin


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