Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our favorite purchases/gifts with Triplets....

Now don't take any of this personally if your gift did not make the list. This is a snapshot in time and is from my not firing on all cylinders brain. These are in no particular order.
  • Safety plug covers - these are WAY better and WAY more expensive than the little plastic things that go in each plug. It is a breeze to use the plugs while remaining safe.
  • Cabinet locks - again these are WAY better WAY more expensive and WAY tougher to install but they are truly baby/toddler/adult proof it you do not have the magnetic key.
  • Plug covers - these are great when you have lamps, etc... plugged in.
  • Diaper Dekor Plus - anything that you have to do something to every time you put a diaper in just doesn't work with triplets:) Plus going through 24+ diapers a day early on you need something big. We still love these things!
  • Triplet stroller(s) - one with three in a row and one with three across. BE SURE the one with three across has front wheels that can swivel. Ours cannot and it is a bit of a pain to maneuver.
  • The ultimate Daddy diaper bag, the Lowe Alpine Air Zone Active - It was not designed to be one but it is the best one I have found on the market. It will hold up to four sippy cups on the sides, a changing pad where the water bladder should go, keeps changing items in one pocket (diapers, wipes, creams, baggies etc...) and lots of other stuff in the big pocket (change of clothes for everyone, water, snacks, etc...). All this AND it keeps you nice and cool. Not to mention cool looking:)
  • The Learning Tower - it is a bit spendy but the kids use it ALL THE TIME! They "help" me cook then they wash their hands.
  • Booster seats - Fisher Price, I wish we would have bought these instead of two sets of high chairs.
  • High Chairs - Graco Contempo high chairs, they were easy to clean and fold up flat.
  • Cribs - we got three sleigh cribs that look nice and did not bust the budget at $200 each from Sears.
  • Two room baby monitor - makes moving the screaming or the quiet baby easier as there are two mics and each monitor can oscillate between the rooms.
  • Pinch guards - like I tell the kids, God only gives you ten fingers, use them wisely:)
  • Puzzles - the kids LOVE them. But until they understand how they work they are VERY frustrating for everyone:)
  • Books - Chewable ones are best at first but now they love "reading" them to us.
  • Glider/rocker - when it is 3am and you have a grumpy baby or grumpy babies comfort is everything.
  • Earplugs - yes, I am serious. It takes their screams down from a "I am going to jump out of window" level to a "I am getting the camera to show you how mad you got as a baby" level.
  • Two + changing stations - if you have a two level house this is a MUST. They must both have room for storing lots of diapers and wipes.
  • Balloons - if the kids are cranky just blow up a few balloons, then everyone is happy.
  • Gymboree Bubble Oodles - hands down THE BEST bubble blower and mix. But when the kids want to use it keep some of the cheaper stuff on hand and just let them use the blower.
  • Safety 1st step stool - it also comes as a tub kneeler but we used it to prop our feet up as we fed the kids. It was the perfect height.
  • Dr. Brown baby bottles - don't even bother buying the 4oz as they quickly need the 8oz ones. They are a little tougher to clean but they are the best at preventing the baby getting air with it's food. Note - loosen the cap when you heat them up or milk will come out.
  • Baby Bjorn Active Carrier - don't waste your money with cheap imitations. This one had a GREAT lumbar support.
  • Munchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket - I could fit the stuff from six bottles in one of these, so I had two as I needed to wash 12 bottles twice a day:)
  • Safer Bather Bath Pad - this is the best way to give a baby a bath in the tub.
  • Retractable gate - this is an easy way to keep the baby safe and/or dog out of an area.
I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of right now:)

The kids are learning how to "make faces" at people, lovely:) Jackson has a horror movie look going for him.

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Roger said...

Get me a paper clip and I can open those cabinet locks.

Had to when we lost our magnets.