Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Triplets will ride again....

Luckily the CFO got some great pics of the kids on one of our motorcycles before they were sold. I am still torn about selling them. But the way I look at it once the kids are older we can always buy other ones:)

You may enjoy and laugh a bit at why we actually had them in the first place. We were both working 70 plus hours a week and living near Seattle, WA. My workaholic addiction was in full swing. I was recruiting College students and recent grads for an internship and management trainee program. One day when I was talking to students one of them asked be what kind of hobbies did I have. Silence.... you could hear only crickets. I said "Good question, let me get back to you on that." Seriously, we had none. I have things I like to do but work was my job and my hobby. So I told the CFO "We need a hobby." We bounced a few things around and landed on buying a motorcycle to do some sight seeing in WA. We decided to take the American Motorcycle Association's motorcycle safety course to see if the CFO wanted to get her own motorcycle or ride on the back of one. No big shock, she wanted her own. Our final grades were only off by one point. I forgot who won so she probably did:) We had a great time on them and did see a lot of Washington State.

Now my hobby, job and favorite past time is our family. Can you blame me? :)

My wild bunch:)

It is said that money cannot buy you happiness, but have you ever seen an unhappy person on a Jet Ski?
Roger Pennington


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