Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Don't make me angry....

Most people that know me will tell you that I am nice, which is true. But if you make me angry, well, to borrow a line from Bruce Banner "You won't like me when I'm angry." I have learned to keep it inside until it subsides but I still get angry. I am usually set off by a comment that someone makes. To use an analogy from Dexter... I have a dark traveler and every once and a while I need to let him come out and play a little. No, my dark traveler does not "do" things but he does say or write things. Don't worry, nothing too bad. I keep a tight reign on him:)

That brings us to this morning when I was dropping the kids off at school.... I was walking in with the kids using the walking rope as usual. And as usual we were getting the "oh how cute" or the "you are triply blessed" comments. There were three parents behind me with their kids, two moms and a dad. One of the women was talking about how cute the kids were and asked "are they triplets." I said yes mam then out of no where the other woman said something to the effect of "that's what you get with fertility drugs." I almost had to bite my tongue off. Yes we used fertility drugs but it was said with an accusational tone like we planned on it. We love our kids and would not change one thing about having them but anyone who sets out to have multiples is an IDIOT and should go through electroshock therapy. You have a higher rate of pregnancy complications and birth defects not to mention the compounded stress on the marriage.

So what did I say you ask? I said "Yeah, when they say a 5% chance you don't think it will be you. But I guess not everyone can be blessed enough to have children on their own." And I said it smiling my best smile. If she didn't get the underlying message to my comment the dad and the other mom did because they got dead quiet the rest of the walk. But what did the dark traveler want to say? He wanted to say "You appreciate things you work and pray for more than things that you come by easily. I never complain about having three. I bet you whine and complain about your singleton interrupting your shopping, bunco night, book club, tennis matches, nail and hair appointments. By the way, why would someone with beautiful natural platinum blond hair like yourself dye your roots brown?" But I resisted... until now:)

Bless her heart,



Liz said...

Good for you, Al, way to hold your tongue. And as we say in the South, 'bless her heart' (for being such an idiot!)

DaddyMan said...

*evil chuckle* I always love killing people with kindness. It's my favorite pastime.

And as always in the role of customer service, say what you've got to say with a smile on your face...even if Dexter is coming out in your thoughts. :)

Course, I wouldn't have said, "Naw, the wife and I had plenty of practice." and watch them all turn beet read and walk of chuckling