Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Goodbye to the Triplets...

No, we did not and we are not getting rid of the kids:) The title is in reference to my newest S.M.A.R.T. goal for the kids.

Be able to have Daddy, eventually Mommy too but at this point that would be in direct contrast to the goal needing to be attainable in a timely manor:), drop them off at "school", the YMCA, Church, or the Grandparents and be able to say goodbye without all the crying. To clarify, they cry, I don't. Not to say I haven't but... well, you get the point.

So today I started.... This was their first day back at their day out program. More of a day away from Dad day for them then a day away from the kids for me. I thought, this will be traumatic enough, why not up the ante and start saying goodbye. How did we do it before you ask? Yes, we distracted them and ran like scalded dogs to get out of the room before they noticed. I even temporarily impaired myself one night at church when I clipped my knee vaulting over the gate leaving the toddler room. So, we all walked in, got checked in and headed to their room. I coaxed them into the room and waited a minute or so till they were getting a little comfortable then I had the talk with them.... "Give me a kiss and a hug Daddy needs to leave." I got the kisses and hugs just before the Universe split open for them and the crying began. Jackson actually threw down the toy phone he had been playing with. Their new teachers were nice enough to drag them back from the door so I could leave. I walked down the hall and came back in a couple of minutes.... no crying.

It FINALLY stopped raining in Birmingham so we got to spend some time outside this weekend.

My FAVORITE quote from the TV show that makes my life doable.... Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I am right there with you Jon.....

"I don't like how emotions make me feel"
Jon Gosselin


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