Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who makes the decisions at a Wedding?

After having been in a few weddings I have learned one eternal truth... When it comes to decisons reguarding a wedding it is up to the Bride. It is her day.  Not the groom's, not her mother's, not her mother in law's, her's.  I know it does not always work that way but the CFO and I see it that way and if we are involved or attending a wedding we do our best to be sure it works that way.  So what if it is snowing, in the 30's, with a gale force wind.  If the Bride wants to get married outside she is getting married outside!

I discussed this fact with my daughter the night before the wedding during her bath time.  She wanted to wear a white dress we had borrowed from a friend.  But the dress was whiter than the Bride's, a no-no.  If you have read this blog in the past then you know that she is a bit strong willed:)  Here is how our discussion went:  Keep in mind this is after extensive negotiating by both me and the CFO.

Daddy: "Don't you want to wear the pretty black dress?"
Addison: "NO! I want to wear the white dress"
Daddy: "Who makes the decisions about a wedding?"
Addison: "I don't know"
Daddy: "The Bride does"
Addison: "Oh"
Daddy: "Who is the bride tomorrow?"
Addison: "Miss Owlison"
Daddy: "So who makes the decisions about what people wear to the wedding?"
Addison: "Miss Owlison... but I want to wear the white dress!"
Daddy: "When you get married do you want to make the decisions or do you want a four year old flower girl to make the decisions?"
Addison: "I want to make the decisions"
Daddy: "So who is going to decide what you wear tomorrow... you or Miss Owlison?"
Addison: "Miss Owlison"
Daddy: "So will you wear the black dress please?"
Addison: "Yes Daddy"

To be fair it was the CFO and I making the call but that is just because Miss Owlison is too nice/smart/afraid to stand in the gap between what my little princess and what she wants.  I do it for sport:)  

She was as pretty as a picture...

She later negotiated wearing the slippers at the reception into the deal:)

If you can't go around it, over it, or through it, you had better negotiate with it.
Ashleigh Brilliant

Marriage: love, honor, and negotiate.
Joe Moore


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The Kopp Twins said...

love it! Hope she wore the red slippers on the big day as well.