Thursday, December 9, 2010

Never underestimate a four year old

Anyone who has had or been around kids knows not to underestimate them.  No, I am not talking about their strength.  They are right at crotch level so it is a dangerous time to be a Dad.  No, I am also not talking about how they repeat things they shouldn't at the precise time it would be most embarrassing. I am talking about what you expect them to do.

The other day Addison surprised me, well, they all did.  The trio were upstairs playing while I was cleaning up after breakfast.  I hear the usual "DADDY!!!!" yell from upstairs.  I get to the bottom of the stairs to see Addison looking down at me.  "Yes mam" I reply.  She says "Daddy, will you help me fix my bed?"  I start at her... "will you help me fix my bed, please?"  To which I reply "yes mam."  To my amazement it wasn't broken but rather un-made.  It seems that Mimi had shown them how to make their beds and she wanted to do it.  The boys quickly also made their beds.  Now they make their beds each morning.  How long does this last?

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.

John Russell


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