Friday, July 2, 2010

The funniest SAHD blog post/article

I have read some funny stuff in my short time as a SAHD but this article is without doubt the funniest I have ever read.  The author of the article, Hossman, may be the funniest SAHD blogger out there.  I won't even bother mentioning who I previously thought was the funniest SAHD blogger as they have been surpassed in banter and buffoonery.  The jocosity of Hossman's writing is only matched by his levity.  Hossman's facetious remarks and raillery make being a SAHD a little more fun.  I hope this is not a man-crush, it is probably just a bit of the green eyed monster (yes the "J" word) creeping in.

The article is "The SAHD and His Man Bag" that is on  You can read more badinage at The Hossman Chronicles.

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