Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLK the SAHD way

Unfortunately the CFO does not get Martin Luther King's Birthday Holiday off. But fortunately two friends did get the day off so I invited the families over for the day. One of their wives had to study for an upcoming test so she stayed at home as having six kids under four in one house is not very conducive to studying:)

The guys rotated playing PS3 Modern Warfare 2 while the odd guy out and the girls hung out with the kids. Miss Kelly was in town so we had one adult per kid coverage most of the day. Red, the Mom in the group, suggested taking the kids outside. The only problem was that I had not cleaned up after the dog for quite a while. The Nuke Doc stepped up to the plate and volunteered to clean it up. I warned him that it was probably a lot but he was undeterred. After walking "the grid" he came back in about thirty minutes later after filling two grocery bags. Outside we went. The kids asked for balloons but I was out. I need to restock my warm weather toys. But when they asked for bubbles I was more than happy to comply. Heck, it was bath day anyway:)

It was a great day! Miss Kelly always enjoys a little chaos on her visits:) You might think that being a SAHD of Triplets I would shy away from more chaos but I (we) love entertaining and having people over. Maybe I need to start having SAHD PS3 play dates.

Psychos will always be psychos; they don’t need video games to help them.

Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock and roll.


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Anonymous said...

definitely need more PS3 play dates - nuke doc