Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I still don't like balloons very much but I am slowly getting over my strong dislike (fear) of them. Hey, I am doing it for the kids:) What do I not like (fear) about them you ask? How about them popping next to your ear. Suddenly you feel like you are in Modern Warfare 2 and someone got you with a flashbang... the ringing in the ear, the disorientation... Also, when I am loading the kids in the van if one of them is holding a balloon it seems to charge me up so the next metal I touch gives me a shock just shy of a tazer.

So I take the kids to the grocery store 2-3 times a week if they are behaving well. I say "well" because they are always "behaving". Sometimes they behave well and sometimes they behave poorly:) When we go to they store they can get a balloon and a cookie, thank you Publix! Yesterday it was windy and when we came out of the store the wind got a hold of William's balloon and off it went. Now it did not go real high as Publix puts a weight on it but it still took off and I made the smart choice to stay with the cart/kids rather than chase the balloon across the parking lot. Needless to say William was not a happy camper. I told them that if they got loaded up quickly we could go look for it in the van. We drove around the parking lot and Addison saw it in the bushes. I parked and retrieved the balloon much to William's delight.

Then at the light leaving the parking lot Addison's balloon popped. Neither she nor I were happy with that. Luckily the disorientation that ensued dissipated before the light turned green. William was gracious enough to give her his balloon.

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.
Winnie the Pooh



HEART said...

I can understand your fear of balloons. Here is another reason. My dislike(Fear) for balloons comes from when I was about 14 watched a "movie" about a boy who popped a balloon and a piece got caught in his throat. It has scared me for life.

I thought it was so sweet of William to give his balloon up.
You sure are doing something right!!

Jessibel said...

This is such a nice little entry, how kind william is! :)