Saturday, May 9, 2009

Equal rights in the bathroom

The CFO and I have made many compromises in our eleven plus years of marriage. One of them is that EVERYONE should have to lift the toilet seat and/or the lid before you use the bathroom. I have always heard women complain (rightfully so) about men leaving the seat up. That was never a problem in the house I grew up in. See, my Mom and I shared a full bath while my Dad had a half bath to himself (funny, I now use the half bath at our house). We always kept the seat AND the lid down. Not that my Mom is some feminazi but she is smart. Ever fished something out of a toilet that you dropped accidentally? Well, if the lid was down you wouldn't have that problem:)

So let's all pull our share and make EVERYONE lift.... put the lid down please:)

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Clare Booth Luce (1903 - 1987)



Ryan said...

Is it sad, but an open toilet seat is a HUGE pet peeve of mine...which is a good thing since I now have 4 woman in my house.

tripsdad said...

That is so funny! My wife and I made the same compromise early on in our marriage. It just makes sense, and once the kids are around, it lessens the chance that things will be flushed, until they figure out how to lift the lid!!!