Friday, May 22, 2009

Beach rules....

As some of you gather we (OK, it is really me) can be a little strict with the kid's food/schedule. But there is hope... We now have "vacation rules."
  • You can drink capri-sun whenever you want (William drank up to six a day and two in a sitting)
  • You can eat pop-tarts whenever you want.
  • You get M&Ms every day (from Grandaddy)
  • You can watch TV as late as you want as long as you are quiet.
  • Popcorn IS breakfast food.
  • Strawberry frosted mini-wheats are a substitute for any meal
  • Coco Pebbles are OK to eat.
  • Suckers are OK to eat in the house, hey it was a rental:)

Keep in mind that camping is also considered "vacation." We are planning on going camping again soon with a new tent and some more gear thanks to a Coleman outlet we found on the way to the beach.

The only frustrating thing about going to the beach is all the tourists,


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