Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To dye or not to dye, that was the question....

I truly love the CFO. Without her the Triplets would not have near as much fun. She is much more spontaneous than I am and she does not share my sense of realism (pessimism as she sees it.) I look at any given situation and I can usually predict the outcome or at least see the potential for things to go wrong. I always say "the truth hurts some people, I have learned to live with it."

Take for instance dying Easter eggs. My idea was to have the kids "help" by dropping the eggs in the dye but we would then take over from there. But the CFO wanted them to do everything. I thought about it and quickly pieced together the worst case scenario, I could live with it.... So we took the plunge..

I made a few "suggestions" and away we went. The smocks from Mrs. Netherton really came in handy!

They even used the metal egg picker-upper thingies, for a while.....

But just when you thought things were going too well...... Yep, they started using their hands. No big deal until the CFO asks "uh, how long will this dye stay on their hands?" It is almost off now:)

If I am not part of the problem then how can I come up with the solution.
Paraphrased from a dear friend


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