Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thomas the Train comes to town!

Our kids like Thomas but we have so far resisted becoming addicts:) So when we saw that Thomas was coming to town we wanted to go but at $16 - $18 per person for a ride it was a bit too spendy for our budget. Luckily we had been to one of these events with Friends when we lived in Dallas we knew that there was a lot more to do at the event. So we headed out after our Saturday afternoon naps, EVERYONE got one!

The kids had a GREAT time. It was at a Railroad Museum so there was also a small steam train for them to ride for $4 each. That we could afford. They still got to see Thomas and say hello and goodbye as he came and went. We all shared some shaved ice, played in the activity tent with the Thomas toys, got balloon animals (free) and petted goats, chickens and bunny rabbits. We could not have asked for a better day. That is until William popped Addison's balloon animal. She was upset but she held it together pretty well for a toddler:)

Pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended upon man.
Francis Cardinal Spellman (1889 - 1967)


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