Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tag, Addison.... you're it.

It is all my fault, really it is. I was just thinking that it is nice that William was the only one of the Triplets that got sick. So I then went upstairs to find Addison in the epicenter of a ginormous puke blast. My first reaction was to make sure she was breathing and alive. I still have fears ala rock stars choking to death. But I have to remind myself that the kids aren't that hard rocking:) Yep, she was alive. I should have grabbed the camera but my next thought was to assess the damage and clean everything up ASAP. I woke Addison up fearing the worst but somehow she had VERY little on her or in her hair. I REALLY wish I had a camera in their room! Based on the collateral damage to the floor, bed, bottom of the pillow, crib, blanket, bed skirt, wall and floor on the opposite side of the bed it is AMAZING that she was not covered in it.

The CFO bathed Addison (she was at least courteous enough to only do this sort of thing on bath day) and I tackled the bio hazard in their bedroom. Of course the two boys were right there the ENTIRE TIME saying things like "big mess, mess on the wall, mess on the floor, mess on the crib, Addison sick, where is the pink" (Addison's sheets) and other things that made me feel like they were critiquing my cleaning.

Funny how the kids puke once or twice and they are fine. With adults it feels like a Mack Truck runs over you, backs up, then does a burn out on your... well, you get the image:)

Addison looking MUCH cuter than she did in the morning.

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Lynn Leaming said...

I am kind of glad you did not have the camera to post "puke pictures" :)Hope you ALL are well soon!