Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt #2

The first one was at Church last Wednesday night in their classroom. Our small group from Church had one at our house on Saturday. The kids LOVED it! I just had to warn everyone not to pick up any "brown eggs" they may find. We have a dog and I clean up the poop every other day but I always seem to miss some:) One of the Mothers in our group put together the eggs with "treats" in them and she did a GREAT job. Yes, she sometimes reads this blog but she really did do a great job with them. Some had pretzels, others had cheeze-its (she had to hide the box from her husband or he would have eaten them all) and some had candy. Yes, he also reads the blog and he is the one who told me she hid the box from him.

The Triplets are still working on their egg hunting game plan. They vacillate between just standing there and pointing when they find an egg, stopping each time they find one to eat what is inside and just gathering them in the basket. We found all of their tactics to be funny. It seemed to break down like this:
  • Addison - she points, says EGG!, then waits for instructions
  • Jackson - runs from egg to egg collecting as many as possible and getting VERY mad if someone gets to it first.
  • William - it is all about the food! At the birthday party earlier that day he ate his piece, 1/2 of my piece, then when Jackson and Addison got up to play he ate what was left on their plates:)

Now for what you really want... pictures:)

The best defense against the atom bomb is not to be there when it goes off.


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Lynn Leaming said...

No other words to describe it....too cute!!