Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The easiest time picking out a tree ever!

Traditionally we pick out and put up our Christmas Tree the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Sunday we headed to Lowe's to pick out a tree.  I steeled myself for the challenge.  You know how it goes.... what do you think of this one?  Oh no, there is a hole in this one.  Untie this one then that one.  Shake it open. That is too tall or too short.  No, it is too dry.  Too fat or too small.  On and on it goes until we find the "right" one, we give up to try another day or we settle.

But not this year, no sir!  As we walked into Lowe's I was prepared for the worst.  We are a bit picky when it comes to Christmas Trees.  Well, we are just picky in general:)  We like Nobels.  Not the people, the tree Nobel Fir.  Not that we don't like Nobility as I don't know any but I just don't see the need for it these days.  But I digress:)  Much to our surprise another family is standing in front of the Christmas Trees looking at two awesome looking Nobel Firs.  Not just Nobel Firs but 8 ft Nobel Firs!  One was skinny and one was .... well... husky:)

They were doing the Christmas Tree dance.  The one where they all take turns holding each tree while the others stand back and the holders spin the tree.  The CFO asked "would you like us to hold the trees so you all can look at them at the same time.  They were a bit bewildered but said thank you.  Luckily for us they chose the larger one and we took the smaller one.  I have no idea how long they had been there to find those two trees but they were both great.  We were done inside two minutes after getting out of the van!

BTW.... War Eagle!

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