Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The CFO rocks yet again!

Anyone who knows anything about marriage knows it is (should be) a partnership.  In any good partnership there is give and take.  So in our partnership I have been taking time away from cleaning because of my contract recruiting position.  This past weekend the CFO gave.... big time!  This past weekend she (we) hosted her parents, her aunt and her grandmother.  She also cleaned the basement (no small task), washed the sheets from the guest beds (also remade the beds with the clean sheets), and cleaned all the hard wood floors but I somehow woke up Monday with no laundry to do.  She had washed and folded everything!!!

OK, I know that sounds good but the best is yet to come...  We have a PS3.  A year ago I was debating whether to buy the Xbox or the PS3.  At the time there was no comparison.  With WiFi and a blue ray the PS3 won hands down.  But now I have since realized that all my friends have Xboxes.  That is an issue as when you play online PS3s do not play with Xboxes.  I guess it is OK to be prejudice in cyberspace:)  As I have been making a little extra money for the family I have been looking at Xbox bundles.  The CFO and I talked about it last tonight.  I will let you be the judge of how great of a wife/partner she is..... her last comment before heading to bed was "it (buying an Xbox) only makes sense if we buy a bigger TV for the living room."

Nothing will work unless you do. 
Maya Angelou 



Denny P 3 said...

That's about the coolest thing(non sexual of course)a wife can say to her husband! You are a lucky man.

Gee-off said...

Yes, indeed. You are blessed.