Thursday, February 25, 2010

Potty training scare

Our saga with potty training William continues.... I feel like I am fighting in World War I. It is trench warfare and both sides are dug in. You can gain some ground but it is very painful. Some days I just stay in the trench and don't even stick my head out:)

All that being said we are having some progress. He has been going to the potty much more frequently. Yesterday he wanted to wear big boy underwear so I conceded and decided to forgo my trip to the gym. Everything was going well up till bath time. He was going on his own without my prompting and everything.

It was his turn for a bath so I told him to get his PJs off (I see no reason to change them into clothes if we are not leaving the house) and get in the bath tub while I was combing Addison's hair. A minute later William yelled from the bathroom... "I went poopie Daddy, I went poopie!" My heart dropped, my pulse raced, Addison shot off my lap and I bolted for the bathroom. All I could envision was my streak of no poopies in the bathtub had come to the end. Visions of Caddy Shack were in my head, but my in my vision it was not a candy bar.

Much to my delight when I rounded the corner I saw a VERY proud William sitting on the toilet! He got whatever he wanted for the rest of the day:)

We are the people our parents warned us about.
Jimmy Buffett


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