Friday, December 18, 2009

We plan, he laughs

I have always heard that we plan and God laughs. Today was/is one of those days. I was planning on going camping with my Brother in Laws for the night after dropping off the Boys with Mimi. I was going to drop off Addison with the CFO at her office. Notice all the "was"s:)

William had recently developed a nasty sounding cough so I took him to the Doctor. About one and a half hours later we got back home with a diagnosis of an ear infection and upper respiratory virus. I then tried (in vain) to get me and them packed. It seems that someone told them they were three and they decided to act like it.... yelling, running, smashing fingers, taking toys, etc.... Not even the Polar Express would tame their savage hearts. So after yelling at them twice I succumbed to God's will and backed out on the camping. Since then the day has been better and we are having fun.

Laugh or cry..... I choose to laugh..... a lot... a WHOLE LOT!


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