Friday, December 4, 2009

I miss work

From time to time I miss working outside the home. Yes, I still laugh when I say that:) I miss the comradery that goes with working on a team and the smack talk that also goes on in a good team. It seems that most parents don't take smack talk too well "Nice job with that kid, I'm sure you'll do better with the next one." :) See what I mean, it just doesn't work, seems a bit too personal. I also miss the rush of getting it done, whatever "it" was. It was usually filling a position/requisition as I was in Recruiting. Or it was getting an employee promoted.

Yes, I even miss the meetings and all the politics. I actually enjoyed most of the things others did not like. To be honest I also miss being able to take a break and get a coffee or run an issue buy a colleague to vet some solutions. And to be completely honest I miss this time of year at work. In recruiting, at most companies, Q4 or Thanksgiving to December is usually slow for recruiting full time/management positions. It was the time of year to review the year, get organized, get ready for next year, and touch base with all of my contacts. In short, relaxing.

All that being said I LOVE what I do now as a SAHD of three wonderful triplets with a wonderful wife (the CFO) that works 45 - 50 hours or so a week including some late nights to give us all the creature comforts that we have. I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to help mold and shape three young minds and spirits into what they will become, whatever that may be. I know it is truly in God's hands but I have got to do my best or I will never forgive myself later.

I have many of the same feelings of "accomplishment" each day, week and month but they are constantly tempered by the challenges. But I guess that what it feels like when you are the CEO of a company. "We had a great quarter but we are totally hosed next quarter":) I also never got naps in any of my positions.

Even when all three are whining their heads off and there is willful disobedience abound I know this is where I want, should and ought to be right now. I have a feeling that there will always be work to be done, positions to be filled and meetings to attend. You only get one shot at your kids growing up. That is why we sold our motorcycles when we got pregnant. There will be time to ride in the future. Heck, when the kids go to school in few years things will change a lot. Just like at "work," change is inevitable.

Change is like a train.... you can stand in front of it and get run over, you can stand next to the tracks and watch it go by, or you can jump on board and go for the ride.
From a motivational speaker at a conference I attended, his name eludes me.


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